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Construction of Two Fire Fighting Azimuth Stern Driven Tug Boats



 The contract has been signed for construction of two firefighting 6400HP Azimuth Stern Driven TUG Boats. SAFF Offshore Industries Company has been declared as the winner of a tender held for the above mentioned project and a contract for the implementation of the project has been made between the two companies, on 2015.02.16.


Tug Boats Specification:

A newly Built Azimuth Stern Driven type classified as tanker handling and firefighting tug highly maneuverable and with high performance design to work in PERSIAN GULF region and Suitable for service on open sea.

The Tugs are high-performance ASDin harbour and coastal water for berthing and unberthing of shore towing, firefighting operations and Push/Pull operation.

Each tug will equipped with 2 x 3200 BHP engines with Z-Peller 360Âșunits fixed pitch propeller nozzles, firefighting system class FIFI II and shall be fully outfitted for safe and efficient performance.

Project Name:                  Construction of Two Fire Fighting Azimuth Stern Driven Tug Boats

Owner:                              SAFF Offshore Industries Company


1-        Dimensions:                   Length: 32 meter, Width: 12.4 Meter, Draft: 5.6 Meter

2-        Ahead Bollard Pull:        80 Ton

3-        Astern Bollard Pull:        65-70 Ton

4-        Speed:                             12.5 Knot

5-        Main Engines Power:     2*3200 HP Azimuth Stern Driven Type

6-        Fire Fighting Type:         FI-FI II

7-        Gross Tonnage:              Under 500 Ton

8-      Crew:                                12 Persons

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